Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Flavor of Tiny Kitchen

Little restos have been sprouting in the city. Of course there is the now ubiquitous and always full Lachi's. The newest sensation (for me!) is Tiny Kitchen. I am using the term new quite loosely here because I know they've been around for a couple of years. It's just that I only discovered it a few months ago. The place is really small, I think there are about 5 tiny tables. I am just lucky that I have not yet waited too long for a table. Not yet anyway.

Tiny Kitchen, from what i gathered, started as a bakery. They still have bakery items like focaccia and lady fingers which are my favorites from their oven. For their savory dishes, I think they specialize in Mediterranean cuisine specifically Italian and Spanish. They have paella (I haven't tried it though), a variety of pasta dishes, chicken and fish (specifically maya-maya) dishes among others. The last time we were there , we tried their maya-maya with rosemary, gambas (see photo), and salpicao.

Except for that one nosy and overbearing food server, I love everything about Tiny Kitchen. I really love the subtle flavor of the food (herb-y rather than salty), I like that the portions are not tiny but also not oh-my-gosh-can-I-finish-this big like Trellis (another new resto that we tried). Waiting time is not at all long and the prices are reasonable. I won't say that this is the best resto in Davao but they are definitely growing on me. Tiny Kitchen is currently my favorite.