Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chicco di Caffee is OK

I've been seeing this new coffee shop in town, Chicco di Caffe, for a long time now because it is right smack on my route from the office to our house. I've heard it's somewhat jazzy bordering cool radio ad a lot of times. But I've never really been there. So on one idle night at the office, me and one of my supervisors decided to try it out. Besides we had an excuse, we need to surf non-work related websites to get some pics for our office event.

Upon entering the coffee shop, you can see that they have all the elements of a cozy coffee shop. The lights are not bright, which is good. I ordered a hot cafe mocha and a rocky road brownie.

The coffee, was also good. I was not disappointed. The rocky road brownie, I like very much. Although it fell off my fork and it was a mess to eat because of that, in the end, it's the taste that counts. And it was good.

Chicco di Caffe has nailed all the elements of a good coffee shop. If this coffee shop started during the time BluGre and Basti's Brew started, I would say, it was outstanding. But it came at a time that we already have a clear idea what a cafe should look like, hence I would say the look is more "formulaic" than innovative. I still feel that BluGre is cozier and a lot classier. Chicco di Caffee is ayt, it's ok. But only that, it's just ok. The coffee is ok, again, just ok. To borrow Simon Cowell's line, I am not jumping on my seat. But yet again, ok is good. Betten than Kangaroo and Yellow Haus.