Friday, January 14, 2011

Marco Polo Dinner Buffet

It's been a long while since I last posted in this blog, a few life-changing events happened that made life less boring. Anyway, I'm back. That means I need escapes once again. Yesterday was one of those fortunate days. We were invited to dine at Cafe Marco (Marco Polo) for their dinner buffet. Although it's not our first time, yesterday stood out than the other times we were there. Because of on singular dish that was outstandingly good.

different kinds of bread

I started with an appetizer of Mango-Shrimp salad which I jazzed up by adding baby alfalfa, a cherry tomato, feta cheese, and a dash of bacon flakes for that heart-stopping cholesterol-filled finish. After i devoured all the appetizer on my plate, I headed out to the main course. The usual entrees were able to reach expectations like the pan seared tuna and the prime rib roast. But the star of the night was the Beef Mignon wrapped in bacon which came with a sweet lite soy-based sauce.

mango shrimp salad with alfalfa sprouts, feta cheese, bacon bits, and a cherry tomato

prime roast rib with grilled potato and gravy

two pieces of the beef mignon and partly hidden is the pan-seared tuna

That made my night, and although the dessert did not measure up, the glorious beef more than made up for the shortcoming of the dessert which made for an outstanding dinner.

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  1. OMG! I didn't know I could miss Cafe Marco's dishes. Just looking at the photos ...salivating