Sunday, August 8, 2010

Camp Sabros: More Than the Zip Lines

I just came back recently from an overnighter in Camp Sabros. Camp Sabros is this small mountain resort in the mountains of Kapatagan in Digos, the capital of the province of Davao del Sur. Kapatagan is known as a food basket for this side of Mindanao because it is the leading producer of vegetables in Davao del Sur. On the onset there is nothing patag (Cebuano for a flat surface of land) about Kapatagan; Camp Sabros after all nestles 4000 feet above sea level according to my GPS. But once one has a visual of Kapatagan from Camp Sabros, it will become apparent why it is named so. Kapatagan is actually a wide plateau, hence the monicker

Kapatagan as seen from the road to Camp Sabros

Camp Sabros, in my opinion is known for 2 things. One would be the zip line, the other is the amazing view. There were 3 zip lines and 1 cable ride there. The shortest of the zip lines is 380 meters, the next is 400 meters while the longest is 800 meters. I tried all of them including the cable ride. The daunting 800 meters is the most exciting because it reaches to amazing speeds and because it is quite long, it takes a long time for the breathtaking view to end.

My friends Marky, Mae, and Jake on the Cable Ride

That's me on the 800 meter zip line

But of all these things, it is the breathtaking view of the highest mountain in the Philippines and on a clear day (it was when I was there) the view of another notable mountain are the reasons why Camp Sabros was a hit for me. Mount Apo, together with Mt. Talomo, is an imposing backdrop towards the south of Davao City and this is my first time to see Mount Apo up close. The view was so good, I can see the steam from Apo's sulfuric vents quite clearly. Towards the south, South Cotabato's very own Mt. Matutum can be seen.
Mount Apo

Mt. Matutum

Add to all these things the chill of the mountain air and the company of good friends, all of these made Camp Sabros unforgettable. Thank you to Jhoi and her HR team for bringing me along. Can't wait for the next escape!

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