Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wild Berry Gardens

Whenever I go to Bukidnon or just feeling like I want to breathe the cool fresh mountain air, I usually go to BUDA. And when I am in BUDA I take my lunch at the Wild Berry Gardens. I only found out about this charming little spot through a Facebook post of one of my wife's friends. I used to only go to the Seagull in the Sky's coffee shop in BUDA so I was excited to come across Wild Berry Gardens.
Wild Berry Gardens is located in a community of Lorega. Lorega is a mountain barangay of Bukidnon's Kitaotao municipality. It is right smack on the border between Davao City and Bukidnon. This quaint little establishment is actually hard to find because it is not located along the highway. One has to take the small dirt road right immediately after the Quarantine Station. Wild Berry Garden is such a lovely place. There is a sense of warmth in the place. The ambiance provides an interesting backdrop for the cool mountain breeze. The owners designed it themselves including the little details like the sunflower mailbox to it's western inspired decor inside the Nowhere Cafe (that's what they call their restaurant).
Wild Berry Gardens also offer overnight accommodations for those who want to experience how it is to spend the night in the mountains. It's very cheap although it is also a very basic accommodation. But the rustic look makes the entire place appealing. As the name suggests, they have wild berries and strawberries in their garden. They actually make jams out of these berries for guests to buy.
What impressed me most though is their cuisine. Their menu is also as simple as the place but the simplicity is what is genius here. Most of the time, while waiting for my lunch, I order their Shot Gun Willy. This is the name they call their chili con carne served with hot pan de sal. I usually have it served in one of the cottages in their garden.
My favorite item to order is the pork tenderloin tips. They also have crispy hito in their menu (both in pics). Wild Berry Gardens is the little mountain resort that could beat the big resort in Buda like the Seagull in the Sky.
Wild Berry Gardens is a better option because it is rustic, quaint, and most of all, the owners are very friendly and accommodating. Their hands-on approach in running this little mountain resort makes one feel very welcome. And this is the reason why I keep coming back.

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